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Pearl Emoji Bracelets/ Pyrite & Pearls

Pearl Emoji Bracelets/ Pyrite & Pearls

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Express your individuality with our Pearl Emoji Bracelets featuring a delightful mix of pyrite and pearls. This unique combination marries the elegance of pearls with the earthy charm of pyrite, creating a versatile and stylish accessory. Each bracelet is adorned with playful emoji charms, adding a touch of whimsy and personal expression to your wrist. Meticulously crafted, our Pearl Emoji Bracelets offer a perfect blend of sophistication and fun. Elevate your accessory game with these distinctive bracelets that capture the essence of both timeless elegance and modern expression.

$19.99 each bracelet, Pearl Bracelets, make great gifts for bridal parties, birthdays, Christmas, graduation, gift for a new mom, sorority sisters, teachers, Mother's Day, the possibilities are endless! 

All my products are customizable.  Standard size 7”

-- please contact me for custom orders.  --


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